Drain Inspections

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Sewer Line Inspections

Our home inspector turns on the water and then inserts a small video camera attached to a snake into a clean-out. The Wohler VIS-250 CCTV visual inspection camera “snakes” the sewer line allowing the inspector to watch in real time on a small monitor. Any debris, roots or damaged pipes are in the final video emailed to the client.

Broken Sewer Line

Another common “vice caché” are cracked or damaged pipes caused by shifting earth. Common telltales are clogged drain pipes that take extended period to drain. Nothing lasts forever, and sewer lines made of clay or steel are no exceptions. The older the pipes are, the more likely they are to have problems.

Tree Roots in Main Drain

A home inspection is not complete without a camera drain / sewer inspection of the main drain out to the city. If there are trees on a property you are about to purchase, a sewer pipe inspection can reveal whether roots have penetrated your pipes, saving you a costly repair that can be negotiated into the cost of the purchase.

Drain Inspection Montreal

Block in your drain? You might need a drain camera inspection. Inspections Rodrigues have the CCTV camera tools and equipment necessary to identify existing problems with your sewer pipes. Our inspectors provide residential sewer inspections services in the Montreal, South Shore, West Island and Laval areas.

Montreal Drain Inspections

When reviewing your potential residential or commercial property a CCTV camera drain inspection is an often overlooked part of the inspection process. If your home is 20 years old or older we recommend a drain inspection so that you will have a thorough understanding of the home you are buying. Since 1987 Inspections Rodrigues has been providing Montrealers with home inspection services. Call us at (514) 630-6352 to book your sewer & drain inspection.