B. Ing., B. Eng., engineering degree, civil and structural engineering

Joe’s career in the building inspection business was jump-started with his degree in structural and civil engineering, which he received in 1979. He went on to launch Rodrigues Inspections in 1987, and since those early days he’s run the gamut of home inspections, having been through residential buildings of all shapes, sizes, and conditions of repair and disrepair.

Montreal Home Inspector

Joe Rodrigues is strongly committed to training and education on an ongoing basis, and he brings that commitment to his current father-son operation. Despite having performed literally thousands of residential and commercial building inspections over the course of his career, Joe continues to invest in continuing education on a regular annual basis.

While Joe’s decades of experience have contributed to finely-honed technical skills, he believes that excellent communication is real the cornerstone of a successful business. As he explains, “an inspection is useless if the client doesn’t understand the results.” This is the foundational business philosophy behind the experiences of his customers: “Of course we have to be good technically, but we also have to be excellent communicators.”

“An inspection is useless if the client doesn’t understand the results.”

Joe Rodrigues – Montreal home Inspector

Home Inspection Report

We want you there so that we can provide you with a written report and oral/visual walkthrough review at the end of the inspection. Just reading about the problem does not adequately convey the gravity or implications of some of the issues we identify.
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