Commercial Inspections

Montreal | West Island | South Shore | Laval

Protect yourself against major issues that could cause company downtime and financial strain. Inspections Joe Rodrigues Inc. provides Laval, South Shore and Montreal commercial building inspections. If you are buying commercial property, leasing office space or considering purchasing an apartment building, it is vital that you do your due diligence with a property condition report & assessment in order to minimize your risks in today’s marketplace.

Age, geographic location and construction are all factors to be considered when purchasing in greater Montreal. Doing an inspection allows your company to forecast potential capital expenditures for areas of your industrial space that will require maintenance, replacement, and component repair. Some of the key points addressed in inspection of industrial properties include:

  1. Building exteriors
  2. Structure
  3. Foundation
  4. Electrical
  5. Plumbing
  6. Mechanical and HVAC Systems
  7. Heating and Air Conditioning
  8. Interiors
  9. Restrooms
  10. Parking and walking surfaces
  11. Insulation
  12. Windows
  13. Water penetration
  14. Roof

Our inspections provide customized reports with photographs of the properties & identification of potential major defects that could be addressed in the negotiation of the purchase or lease. Included in our reports are detailed explanations of all trouble spots identified, potential structural and electrical safety issues, and suggestions on future maintenance requirements for budget forecasting.

A visual inspection can only get so far; when a definitive identification of a potential problem is required, additional testing and inspection services can be provided for a more in depth view of the property under consideration.

Inspections Rodrigues follows the ASTM E2018 Standards of Practice.

Commercial and Industrial inspections for:

    • Schools
    • Hotels/Motels
    • Warehouses
    • Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
    • Restaurants
    • Day Care Centers
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Apartment buildings
    • Condo Buildings
    • Office Buildings (Low Rise/High Rise)
    • Garages
    • Store Fronts
    • Stores
    • Strip Malls
    • Theatres
    • Nursing Homes
    • Commercial Complexes
    • Retirement Homes
    • Industrial buildings
    • Industrial Parks
    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing facilities

Ongoing construction assessment:

Making enhancements to your warehouse? Adding-on to an existing building?

Consider a certified inspection service that will examine the construction site before, during and after its completion to make sure that proper standards are being adhered to.