Montreal Residential Inspections

Areas covered include:

Residential Inspectors

A home inspection plays a crucial part in providing peace of mind when purchasing a new or used house. Protect yourself against problems that could result in major expenses.

Inspections Rodrigues provides Laval, South Shore, West Island and Montreal Residential home inspections. If you are buying an older home it is especially vital that you do your due diligence with a property condition report & assessment in order to minimize your risks. Water infiltration through roofs and basements can cause tens of thousands of dollars of repairs if not caught prior to purchase.

Montreal Residential Inspections cover

1. Structural Components
2. Foundation
3. Exterior Siding
4. Roof system & materials
5. Electrical system
6. Plumbing system
7. Heating system
8. Air Conditioning system
9. Full Interior
10. Garage (includes standalone)
11. Insulation
12. Ventilation
13. Fireplaces

For a complete list of our standards please refer to the ASHI standards guide (click here to download a PDF version)

Age, geographic location and construction are all factors to be considered when purchasing in greater Montreal. Doing an inspection may give you leverage in the negotiation process, so that the bid price takes into account required renovations. Some of the key points addressed in the inspection of your residential property include the age and material of the electrical system, leaks in the plumbing, water damaged structure, attic insulation and prior renovations that may have safety issues.

The report is usually delivered the same day by email in PDF format. We look for defects and condition issues with the property as well as guide you with maintenance issues required to keep the property in good condition. We look forward to helping you during your decision making process with this property. Call or email us to make an appointment.

What happens when you want more details? A visual inspection can only get so far. When a definitive identification of a potential problem is required, additional testing and inspection services can be provided for a more in depth view of the property under consideration.

Inspections Rodrigues follows the Standards of Practice provided by ASHI.

Home inspections:

  • Condo inspections
  • Townhouse inspections
  • Duplex inspections
  • Office Buildings (Low Rise/High Rise)
  • Triplex inspections
  • Fourplex inspections
  • Bungalow inspections
  • Cottage inspections
  • Standalone Garage inspections
  • Residential/Commercial Mix

Ongoing issues with your home or condo?

Consider a Montreal home inspector trained in problem investigation. Some of the most stressful issues in day to day management of your home can be water damages that have been corrected several times, cracks over your doors and windows suddenly appearing, and unexplained sewage backups.

Inspections Rodrigues has the expertise and access to technologies (Moisture Meters, sewer line videos and thermal infrared cameras) to identify the problem or can bring in the experienced professionals that can.

Potential trouble areas include: Water infiltration, structural & roofing problems, attic moisture, interior condensation, main sewer and water line backup or leaks.

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