Montreal Home Inspection

Joe and Michael have either an engineering background or college accreditation, so both have a trained eye for uncovering the facts about a home. Our inspectors are also members of ASHI. (American Society of Home Inspectors).

Home inspections quotes:

To provide you a quote for the inspection we need the following information:

  • Year of construction
  • Square footage of living space (or building size)
  • Type of house (i.e. Bungalow, cottage, etc.)
  • City or sector
  • MLS number
  • Is there a basement or crawl space

“We tell you what is wrong, why, and its implication.” – Joe Rodrigues

Since 1987, Joe Rodrigues has been providing Quebec homebuyers with Montreal home inspection services.  Our pragmatic approach sets us apart from our competition.  We not only spend time reviewing your potential property, we invest in educating you, so that you will have a thorough understanding of the home you are buying.  Most of our business comes from referrals.  Our satisfied customers are our most important marketing tool.

No one wants to inherit a “money pit” The decision to purchase a home is made within the first 5 minutes of the first visit.  The duration of the total visit is usually 15 to 20 minutes maximum.   A home inspector’s role is to spend “time” in assessing a buyer’s potential investment. 

The purpose of the inspection is to find as many apparent defects as possible, allowing you to make an informed decision.  Our intention is to remove the emotion from the buying equation which results in a logical critical assessment that:

Home Inspection Report:

We want you there so that we can provide you with a written report and oral/visual walkthrough review at the end of the inspection.  Just reading about the problem does not adequately convey the gravity or implications of some of the issues we identify.

Retraining of home inspectors:

Ashi Infrared Certified Inspection
Our inspectors are continuously upgrading their skills & knowledge by attending the largest and most informative inspection conference and seminars annually, to keep abreast of the latest trends and discoveries.

Why use a Montreal Home Inspector?

Many of today’s homes are professionally staged.  Their beauty, charm or location are highlighted and their flaws are minimized. At Inspections Joe Rodrigues Inc., we are trained to see beyond the “make-up” and detect defects that the present owner may not be aware of or has taken for granted as normal.

A home inspector may advise the buyer of costly repairs which may not have been factored into the purchase price of the home.

A checklist of items are investigated and evaluated with a clear and unbiased view.

A detailed report in PDF format is prepared and sent by email usually same day. The findings are summarized and recommendations are made.

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